EngageIT winner FINTREX Award 2015!

During the Nominees Lunch of the NCCA on April 23, EngageIT was announced winner of the FINTREX Award 2015 with the Knab case. As many as 67% of the votes went out to the Knab case and EngageIT is very pleased with this reward by its co-NCCA nominees.

‘It is very special to be chosen by the nominees of the NCCA as the best case overall’ said Chris van den Berg.

435999Six months ago Knab decided to start a comprehensive gamification project with EngageIT. Knab is the online bank where professionals work, who give everything they have every day. By leveraging gamification, Knab was given the opportunity to support these people more focused on their talents, ideas, creativity and collegiality.

Promising results

In various areas promising results were obtained: employee satisfaction, retrieval of knowledge, communication and productivity. Actively promote the career development of the employees of Knab, through gamification proves a great success! Partly because of this success and the innovation of using gamification in the HRM processes, the Knab case was one of the nominees of the NCCA HRM Award 2015. Also known as the Oscars of Customer Service in the Netherlands.

Honorable mention NCCA 2015

436020At the NCCA gala EngageIT battled, among others, with PostNL, the eventual winner of the award. EngageIT did not manage to get the trophy, but despite that they were invited on stage to receive an honorable mention. Since the case that they brought was surely very innovative and had to be mentioned during the gala.

The jury on this commendation, “Knab has gegamified the career path of employees in the form of a ‘player journey’ that shows every employee where he stands and what is needed for growth. Employees can earn points for successfully completed tests. But also for the number of answered e-mails and obtained compliments. A wonderful example of how gamification deployed for rewarding desired behavior and ultimately satisfied customers.”

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