First Meetup Gamification Contact Center successful

Why not organize a meetup for anyone who wants to know more about gamification in a contact center? No sooner said than done. November 5, Meilon and Chris gave an interactive workshop contact center gamification in the IJ-kantine.

The reactions were positive and more workshops will follow in the future. Next workshop will be held on February 4 2016. Sign up now!

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Below an impression of the workshop

Welcome at the IJ-kantine! (easily accessible by ferry)

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Time for some theory



Yes interesting.. 

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Just don’t believe everything these guys say 😉

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And get started game designers!

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Thank you for coming!!


Responses to the workshop

‘Inspiring session with people from different backgrounds, questions and game experience, fun!’ – Jasper K.

‘Super!’ – Arjen K.

‘Nice to see what you need to consider in designing a game. Not just for a contact center, but also for every other game.’ – Jan Z.

‘Inspiring’ – Epha

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22 June 2017 10:55

As simple as it sounds building the skills and expertise to be a successful contact center supervisor requires more than just learning the technical side of the business.

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