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A whole lot of game elements

Game elements are the toolbox for gamification and can be combined in different ways to build up any game. The number of game elements that can be used are extensive. The well-known points, badges and leaderboards are just the beginning and quests, the storyline, collaboration and onboarding (which helps the player who is a novice into the game in a systematic way) are just some examples of game elements that are often used.

When designing gamification the most relevant and effective game elements are selected depending on the type of players. Per design has to be determined which elements have the greatest impact and elicit the desired behavior based on the objectives that are set.

GMS for the Game Master

Our GMS makes it easy for you as a Game Master to control your game. In a simple way you can enter or change the game rules, see at how your players are progressing and always be informed of the progression of the game.

Easily integrated

The RESTful API with ready-made examples can be easily integrated into your current system. You can link with JSON, XML and SOAP

Our frontend dashboards are created in HTML5 + CSS3 and perfectly integrate into existing online and offline dashboards

SSL encrypted connections

Possibility of SingleSignOn integration with Active Directory

Up in the Google Cloud

The Pony platform runs in the Cloud, so it is fast and reliable (99,95% SLA)

Regular updates on cloud based application

EngageIT uses the latest state of the art technology:

Realtime, HTML5, Angular, API, Docker, Scalable, Python, SAAS

Logo Qollap
Integration with Qollap, the social knowledge platform

Do you want to make it social and let your employees share their knowledge? Pony has an integrated solution with Qollap

Qollap is a social platform for communication and collaboration in companies and organizations. They provide a central space where colleagues and business associates can find information and share knowledge.

The coolest avatar system

Build your own avatar and make sure your avatar is dressed the most warm!

This avatar system consist several elements, in gamification we call these elements: virtual goods. You can build up your own avatar and make him look cooler with every step you make in the game. Based on the level you reach you will be able to unlock certain virtual goods. You can also win a ‘collector’s item’ these are limited items and are usually linked to a certain theme like a football shirt or a Christmas hat.