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It is 2012 and Chris van den Berg is working as a consultant in the contact center industry. There is a challenge he faces everywhere: how do we get (and keep) our contact center agents motivated, how can we encourage them to keep doing the best they can and improve their performance? ‘There must be a solution for this?’ Chris asked himself.

Then he hears about the new trend Gamification, a promising new way of managing which seems to have it’s roots in the United States. Gamification is the use of the design principles from the game world, put into a non-game context. And let’s just say games have the power to excite and bind people of all ages and backgrounds. Games are designed from a recipe that motivates players to keep playing and to exert themselves to the utmost to bring a game to a successful conclusion. ‘If we use these principles in the real world of contact centers, would that work?’.

Along with Meilon, an avid gamer, and now regular game designer at EngageIt, they decided to take gamification to the world of contact centers. With success! After a successful pilot and several successful projects they are on their way to gamify the entire world!



We collaborate with the design heroes of Artua. They understand better than anyone what our customers are looking for and create suitable designs that meet the needs and experiences of the customer.


Do you want to improve collaboration and communication within your organization. Or for your employees to share their knowledge? In order to make this possible EngageIT has an integrated solution with Stamkracht. Stamkracht is a social platform for communication and collaboration in businesses and organizations. Through our partnership with Qollap we can provide a central space where employees can find and share information and knowledge.